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The origins

3 years ago · 1 MIN READ

This story is very personal, but in the same time so actual regarding what's going on around the world: people seeking for a better life, what ever it takes.


The man at the right side is my father, in the mid 70's, proud to have completed his journey to Europe (Paris). Dressed like a prince, he has traveled 4,290.4 miles via Trans-Sahara Hwy/N1, about 97 h journey...
The plan was simple:

  • find a way to reach Europe
  • respond to the manpower high demand there
  • if everything works as planned, relocate his entire family in Paris

As a carpenter, he was used to travel to get qualified job and get paid higher than in his homeland. His last position was located in Equatorial Guinea, a border country between Gabon and south Cameroon.
Well, it took longer than expected (almost a year!) to reach Europe, but it was worth it! Ready to jump in any job offered, he learned new skills, adapt to the new culture, acquired significant experience and made his place into the community. It's a very shortcut, but the storyline is true.
The plan met all expectations: family relocation was done in 2 steps: first step, my 2 older brothers: famille_france.jpg second step, 2 years later: my sister and me (I'm crouched at the left bottom): pascal_france.jpg
Oh, told like this, it seems very simple and like a fairy tale. Nevertheless, this story made me believe that setting high ambitions and working hard are the real path to success.

In this new post I highlight my own journey.


Pascal Bibehe

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