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Best online course for wannabe JS developer

2 years ago · 2 MIN READ
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Hi there!

If you've tried about every JS (Javascript) class, course and book, and you still have the feeling you can't create anything on your own, and really are motivated to acquiring professional web development skills, then you should read this article.

Well, JS is a very popular web programming language now, with skills in high demand. At this moment the web is certainly the popular and most widely used platform for application development. Right now if you are building anything for the web or more precisely anything that is rendered with the browser's engine, you need JS. Try to build a website or web application that does not use JS! Let me know how you manage that. If you can take some time to review Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016 Results, you will learn more about most wanted skills. I was amazed by some results:

Most Popular Technologies per Dev Type

  • Full-Stack : JavaScript
  • Front-End: JavaScript
  • Back-End: JavaScript
  • Mobile: JavaScript (6th)
  • Math & Data: JavaScript (5th)
  • Students: JavaScript (2nd)

Most Popular Technologies

  • 2016 : JavaScript
  • 2015 : JavaScript
  • 2014 : JavaScript
  • 2013 : JavaScript

I can see a lot of wannabe web developers pretending to be skilled because they know some frameworks (Angular, Backbone, etc.) or libraries (React, jquery, etc.) doing the job behind the scene. I’m not against frameworks, but in order to have deep understanding what the code is really doing, I think it's not the best way to start programming. That's where Gordon Zhu is a maestro at. Gordon Zhu is an ex googler, and, in my opinion, a wizard coder. Take a look at his LinkdIn profile.

He explains javascript core concepts in the most straight forward way; you learn the ‘why’, and not just the ‘how’. You will understand the ‘why’ behind every line of code like we, human, process information, and you will immediately apply it. Gordon Zhu will teach you the technics to break things down, focus on what actually matters, how to structure your code, how to read code and many other technics he masters.

Read his interview here and enroll for free his course to build a strong JavaScript foundation for web development.

If you like this course, it's worth subscribing to the premium membership, a linear path for serious beginners who want to become amazing developers. You will acquire fundamental skills with good habits of highly successful programmers that could transform your work and enable you to pursue better opportunities in programming.

I have no interest in Gordon Zhu activities; I just wanted to share his high valuable work. Gordon Zhu is amazing, very humble and extremely talented at teaching.


Pascal Bibehe

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